The Right Moment

[ Day 27 — July 9, 2012 ]

The Mendocino Coast

The Mendocino Coast

After a big push down the Mendocino Coast, I met up with Erin just before dinner. Though I had enjoyed touring the Lost Coast, I’d grown accustomed to my newfound touring partner and was glad to reconnect with her.

The two days apart had done little to dampen our interest in each other, which by this point was clear enough to overcome any lingering self-doubt.

We cooked dinner together and sat around a communal fire, chatting with other travelers and stealing glances at each other.

In three nights, I’d be back in Berkeley, and Erin would be back on her own. What would transpire between us, between now and then? What did we want?

I wanted to let her know how much I liked her, but I also wanted the right moment.

[ Daily Miles: 85 ] [ Total Miles: 1480 ]

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