I wrote this in May of 2013 for a San Francisco-based event discovery startup.

So your first date went well, sparks flew, and now you want to plan that second date. You don’t want to clone the first date and dinner seems too formal. Luckily you live in San Francisco: home to so many activities. Light activities are great for second dates because they offer simplicity with room for spontaneity. Here are six “Second Date Favorites”:

Haight Street Brews and Brats
Start with one of the many celebrated beers at Toronado, then spice things up with sausages from Rosamunde next door. Still thirsty? Scoot back over to the bar—you can bring your food with you.

Date Off the Grid
Treat your date to culinary adventure at Off the Grid, an event that champions the innovative, adventurous, and interesting—all perfect signals for a second date.

Sun and Soft Serve in Dolores
Skip the line at Bi-Rite and order their extremely underrated soft serve from the pickup window, then head to Dolores Park to people watch, learn more about each other, and reload on Vitamin D.

Picnic at the Seward Street Slides
Dress casual and pack a small picnic for a date of laughter and guaranteed reverse aging at the Seward Slides; duck down to the Castro for post-slide drinks and/or first aid.

Divisadero Art Walk
Start your date with an easy stroll through the art, music, and merchandise of the Divisadero Art Walk, then grab a drink at Madrone or dinner at Nopa.

Sutro Baths Scramble
Explore the ruins of Sutro Baths, then scramble up to Cliff House for food, drink, and majestic views of the Pacific Ocean. Pro tip: at low tide, you can walk behind Cliff House from Ocean Beach to the Baths without getting your feet wet.